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I'm selling these two pieces as 4"x6" colour prints for $15 each

Williams by AerinTook Jerks I Fancy: Herbert West by AerinTook

You can pay through Paypal here ->… <- even if you don't have a Paypal account.

Again, I'll be getting the prints done locally and personally shipping everything.
Comment or message if you're interested - you can also contact me at, if you don't want to send your address info over Deviantart.

Welllllll'p....So I've hit that point in my life where I need to find a job.

But am having trouble with that.
So I was hoping I could get some help from my watchers.

Almost anything in my gallery should be printable - and I will also open up for commissions (but you're more likely to get better quality stuff if it's something within the fandoms I already draw :/ I'm sorry). I'll personally print and ship everything myself.

I can start prices @ $10/$15 per piece (or we can discuss prices if you like).

You'll find a Paypal button over on my artblog.

Please, if anybody can help me out, I would be beyond grateful. Message me if there's anything you'd like.

ETA: ;__________________; I don't wanna be an adult, you guys